Email Matchmaking

I hope everybody is safe and healthy – and following the suggested social distancing. For those who have lost friends, jobs, I send my sympathy and condolences.

Most Americans are lonely, anxious and unhappy.  We have lost a great way of life with no return to normalcy in sight.

I started the DATING GAME as a way to bring us back together and gain a small sense of enjoyment and connection (from a distance).

Every two weeks we will pick 5 men and 5 women who are looking to meet a match. Our first round was met with an overwhelming response and success. I encourage everybody to join in, and forward to your friends as well! If you want to participate as a bachelor or bachelorette, or are interested in meeting any of the men/women I have posted please email me your bio, contact # and a recent photo to Be sure to note which bachelor/bachelorette you are interested in meeting. TO MAKE IT EASIER TO CHOOSE, WE HAVE ASKED EACH CANDIDATE TO ANSWER 3 QUESTIONS.

Either way, I want everybody to join in and engage in our DATING GAME.

We have already made some matches and hope to build more each week. Look forward to hearing from you.

Let’s keep spirits up!!!
— Steve Fox


Round One


Famous Artist – Age 37

Fashion Consultant – Age 48

Financial Consultant – Age 47

Director/Environmental Agency – Age 52

Doctor – Age 54

Media Personality – Age 64


Magazine Publisher – Age 29

CPA – Age 55

Director/Golf – Age 49

Retired Entrepreneur – Age 67

Geologist – Age 68

Wealth Advisor – Age 70